The Program

Addiction Recovery

Fitness Monkey provides the tools and guidance for overcoming addiction. Our staff has the experience and first hand knowledge for what it takes to get the monkey of addiction of of your back.

Physical Fitness

Fitness Monkey gives you the ability to design your own workout program to match your lifestyle and interests. You will receive advice from trained fitness experts.

Community Support

Align yourself with a team of fellow fitness monkeys to overcome addiction. No one should have to do it alone. Join us and become part of the recovery revolution.

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Sobriety Tracker

Track your clean time by entering the day of last use. Gain confidence as you watch you clean time increase. One day…one hour…one minute at a time. Whatever it takes, Fitness Monkey is there for you!

Log Workouts

Fitness Monkey gives you the ability to log workouts in various format. Count steps, track miles, and received guiding instruction for workout plans and techniques.

Social Interaction

Share your accomplishments and goals with the Fitness Monkey community. Draw from the experience, strength, and hope of others who have overcome addiction through fitness.

Latest news

Fitness Monkey Unleashed at San Quentin

In May of 2012, Chris Schuhmacher presented his idea for Fitness Monkey, an online life-coaching platform that empowers addiction recovery through physical fitness to a captive audience at The Last Mile’s demo day. Audience members included media, tech experts, silicon valley venture capitalists, and inmates from San Quentin’s mainline population. Click Fitness Monkey Demo Day […]

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